JanieCheck out our customer reviews on One reader said,”I also read the book and loved it. Yes, it made me smile, it made me cry, and it made me feel better.”  Another reviewer said, “The book touched my heart and gave me the understanding that I was lacking.”  I invite you to write a review.

1 thought on “Reviews

  1. I’m sharing this message from an Air Force Mom friend
    who read the book……..

    Hey, Deb. You know that I bought and finished my book (and several boxes of tissue) several weeks ago.

    I have messaged many people about the book and surrendered my copy to our local Veteran Service Officer who is recommending it to people. He is
    keeping it in his office. It is being used as a loaner for those who can’t
    purchase. I signed, put my son’s name and date and asked next reader to do the same.
    I know Chris has bought, read, and cried also.
    Glenda (TN)

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