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  1. The website looks great, what an accomplishment! I can’t wait to share this book with my friends!

  2. Dear Janie and Mary Anne and Moms,

    What an awesome experience the book signing was last night. Loved meeting all of you wonderful women and servicemen and women. I plan to get the word out even more about this wonderful book. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to express our deepest fears and our deepest thoughts. Take care and God bless

  3. Janie and Mary Anne,
    Last night I couldn’t have been more proud to be involved with such a wonderful group of Mothers. The booksigning was such a fabulous success!! It was just remarkable to be able to meet and hear their stories. So many feelings came flushing back at me and the tears were hard to hide. My entire family was there and also a few friends. Of course!! they all bought the book, and were able to get a lot of autographs!
    It was such an honor to meet Sgt. Joseph Reinart and Meka Harris both very poised and charming individuals. My son Captain Padriac (Paddy) Finnerty was also there and he so honored to be asked to autograph so many of the books himself, when he was just there to support me and all the other mothers for sharing our stories.
    I believe we have now felt a bit of that camaraderie you hear about with so many military personnel. What a wonderful feeling of being involved, included and most importantly connected with each other.
    I can not thank you enough for all you have done.
    Cindi Finnerty Condol
    P.S. For those mothers who asked for prayers last night, just know that you got them last night, tonight and many more nights to come. YOU are not alone!

  4. Dear Janie and Mary Anne,
    I am still in awe of the amazing turnout Friday night! Not knowing what to expect, I felt anxious all day. It was wonderful to meet you, Janie, in person, along with so many of the other moms… “Our sisterhood of motherhood” as my husband called it. I am so glad I came! Thanks to ALL of you! I am honored and humbled to be part of this book!
    God Bless,

    • Dear Janie, Mary Anne and all the moms who came to the book signing ( and all the moms out there who will wish they wrote for the book when they read it), thanks for sharing, for letting each other in on those little secret fears and moments of panic. It lets each of us know we really weren’t alone, that there truly is a sisterhood of military moms. And the book signing itself was just a huge success. Thanks !!!! Celeste Hicks

  5. Hello Janie and Mary Anne,

    I feel so blessed to be a part of this once in a lifetime experience. Everyone I met the night of the first book signing had a heart of gold. I finished reading the book yesterday and have to say…. it really made you feel like we are and will be in this journey together. There surely is a special bond you feel between moms of soldiers. I sent my cousin the book,,, her son recently deployed to Iraq. Before reading the book…. I was not sure if it would be good for her to read it right now. AFTER reading the book… I knew it would be a great book for her to read. It actually made your heart feel more at peace and not alone. My son was very impressed with how everything turned out for the book signing and the book itself. He was pretty darn proud of his mom~ Thanks for everything you did to make this successful. I am sure I will be seeing you at some of the other bookstores. ~ Congratulations to both of you~ Love and a hug~
    Connie Stephens-Gehri

  6. WOW!!! Last Friday was great. I am so glad that the turnout for this event was so good. Many prayers to all the servicemen and women and their families. Katy Wise

  7. Dear Mary Anne and Janie,

    WAY TO GO!!!! The two of you looked and sounded great on Channel 3 news a little bit ago. Thanks to you again for all you’ve done. It was wonderful publicity for the book.


  8. Dear Janie & Mary Anne,
    This has been such an incredible experience. The book, meeting you both and the other moms, and reading their stories, the book signings, the WAKR experience… it has all has been such an awesome experience and I am so grateful to be part of this whole endeavor. This is a chapter of my life I will remember and cherish forever. (I) Love You BOTH More Than You Know.

  9. Mrs. Reinart, It has been several years since our days on Champion Lane! My husband is in the Army and I was searching for a book to send to his Mom when he deploys (sometime in October is all we know so far) I couldn’t believe it when I came across your name! Congrats on the book and I can’t wait to read it.

    Ashley Andrews (Clark)

    • Ashley,
      Thank you for your husband’s service. Keep me posted on when he leaves.
      Know that you and your family and husband will be in our prayers.
      Great to hear from you. The Moms did a great job writing their stories.

  10. Hello Janie,

    Thank you for signing my book today, I’ve read the introduction & it
    has me wanting more! Once I get home after my day I will be reading
    it until I’m done then I will pass to my friend in the airforce to read it,
    while she is here in Cleveland from Mississippi.. But she will have to
    agree to give it back I can’t her keep this treasure 🙂

    Thanks again

    Have a blessed day!


    • LaChelle,
      I am so happy that you are enjoying the book. The stories are such a gift from
      all of our authors.
      Thank you for your kindness today.


  11. There is a continuous peace vigil in Cleveland every Saturday from 11:30 to 12 noon at the West Side Market back enterience, West 25 th. and Lorain Rd. We have been there since 2002. Come join us if you can.

    • Mike thank you for that information. Every night 9PM EST there is a national call for prayer for peace, protection from terrorist attacks, and for the safety of our troops. I’ve set my phone alarm so that I don’t forget. May God bless us and grant us peace. Amen


  12. I am in the middle of reading the book. I cry right along with the moms telling their stories.My sister read it first. Said it was a good book. My son, who is a Marine, left last Thursday for Iraq. He spent he 20th b-day over there. I did get a 2 min. call from him last night. It was good to hear from him. I would like to know where I can get a blue star banner for my window, also, I would like a yellow ribbin for my tree. Hope to hear from someone. Thank-you for the book. It really shows you are not alone.

    • Hi Denise,
      Thank you for your son’s service and your kind words about the book. I emailed
      you some info. Take good care of your self.

  13. Janie, thank you for the e-mail.And thanks for the web site for the banner. I never thought about Jo Ann’s or even Pat Catan’s for the ribbon. And my son’s name is LCPL Burgett Adam T. Thank you again. Denise

    • Denise,
      That is fantastic. Adam most be working so hard. That’s how you become the best of the best. Go Adam!! (What a good job you did raising such a fine young man!)

  14. I met Janie Reinart and Mary Anne Mayer at the 3/25 support group at the Cuyahoga Falls library. I think their book, “Love You More than You Know” is such a great idea; more people need to know about what wives, girlfriends, and family are going through while Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, and Airman go off to war. I am definitely a fan!

    Matthew Wojtecki – form. USMC WPNS CO. 3/25 AKRON, OH

  15. Matthew,
    It was wonderful to meet you at the library. I am sure you will have much success with your book:
    Every Other Four: The Journal of Cpl. Matthew D. Wojtecki, Weapons Company 3rd Battalion 25th Marines, Mobile Assault Team Eight.
    Telling your story up close and personal will open the eyes of the American public showing what our troops endure to protect our freedoms. Thank you for your faithful service.


  16. My 19 year old Son is leaving in 2 weeks for Basic Training in Fort Sill Oklahoma as an Artilleryman in the Army. I just finished reading your book love you more than you know. I know he’s doing the right thing but I feel like my heart is broken. Does the empty feeling ever go away? Your book was wonderful and it did help me know that I’m not the only one going through this. Any comments or suggestions on how to let him go would be greatly appreciated. Army Strong Mom Annette

  17. Dearest Annette,
    Thank you for raising such a wonderful young man. I don’t think we can ever let our children go. I can only tell you what I did:
    1.Stand in solidarity.
    My son said, “I am strong because you are strong.” We were strong for each other. This means always being up beat when they call or when you write by email or snail mail. Save the tears for when you are not talking to him.
    2.Listen. I let my soldier talk when ever I got a phone call. My son was in Iraq and there was always a delay on the line. I had a million questions, but our soldiers want to protect us and keep us from worrying. They will say what they need to say if we are patient and listen. I always tried to make him laugh.
    3.Show your support always. I sent packages, and emails all the time.
    4. Be a prayer warrior. Hold your son and our troops in prayer all the time and don’t be afraid to ask others to pray with you.
    5. Take good care of yourself. Our soldiers are standing up and protecting our way of life. Enjoy each day and thank God for our many blessings.
    I will send you an email. Holding you in prayer. You are strong.Love Janie

  18. A comment to Annette….
    Annette, I couldn’t tell you how many times I said to my son “how proud I am of you”, The connection I have with my son was always a good one but it became much stronger over his tour of duties. When he would call, all we wanted to know is what was going on over there and how he was doing. All he wanted to know was what was going on here at home and how we were all doing. The phone conversations were a bit interesting with the delays and of course they are not able to tell you a lot. We found ways of asking the right questions to get some answers. Each phone call was exciting but it was a bit hard to swallow back the tears when you say goodbye. The second time over we ending our conversations with him saying “I love you!” then I would say “I love you more!” then he would say “I love you most!” we would say goodbye and then after I hung up I would cry. It is tough, no doubt about that. God Bless you for raising such a strong young man, God bless him for his courage and honor!
    Cindi Finnerty Condol

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