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“IF NOT ME THAN WHO?” are the words on the grave stone of Travis L. Manion, a Marine. Brendan Looney, a Navy Seal, was Travis’ best friend. Both died defending their country. They now rest side by side in Arlington Cemetery.

On Memorial Day, we honor the brave men and women, who gave their lives for us serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Mary Jane Kashkoush is our own Gold Star mother.  Her story “Perchance to Dream” is in Love You More Than You KnowHer beloved son, Sergeant Michael Kashkoush lost his life in Iraq. Michael was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart. My daughter, Meme went to school with Michael.

We remember their sacrifices and pray for Gold Star families on this Memorial Day.

Help This Marine Help Other Vets

tieToday, I received the beautiful tie I ordered for my son, Joe. The link to the story is here. Help this Marine, Antonio Centino.  Antonio says, ” I’m going to give Stop Soldier Suicide ( a non-profit vet run organization) $20,000 this Veteran’s day to raise awareness of military suicide. To do this – I created 400 neckties to honor each of the 4 military branches. For every tie sold I’m donating $50 to the cause.”

“You can check out my project here: The ties are really nice (100% silk, regimental stripe, using historic service colors). I figure give Marines/Airmen/Sailors/Soldiers a tie they’re proud to wear all the while helping those vets that need it. Win- Win!”

The ties are retailing for $79 each – however any veteran/active duty/military spouse can use the code “military” for a $30 discount. “All proceeds, all profits–we are not making any money on this– go to Stop Soldier Suicides.” Meet Antonio in this video explaining his cause.
Antonio, this is a great gift all the way around. Thank you for sponsoring this project!
Order a tie for your favorite serviceman today!

Staff Sgt Jordan Pritchard: We Have To Live This Life For Others

This picture of Staff Sgt Jordan Pritchard is from WSMV.com.

This picture of Staff Sgt Jordan Pritchard is from WSMV.com.

Our Marines are always faithful. Staff Sgt Jordan Pritchard, a former Marine, volunteered to stand guard outside the front door of his children’s school, Gower Elementary School, in Nashville, because of the recent school shootings.
He will be at the school until Christmas break.

He said, “We need hope”. The local police force is unable to take on the extra security job of guarding the school at this time.The parents and families at the school feel better that he is there.This father of two is in uniform, but unarmed as schools are a gun free zone.

In an article by Philip Caulfield, Jordan said he believed the sight of a soldier standing sentinel would make a gunman think twice about attacking the school. “What this uniform represents, the hope it brings, is larger than any weapon that I would ever need.”

Jordan believes, If you are able and capable of doing something, you have the responsibility to act.” The students and parents at the school have thanked him with words, cards, and pictures.

Jordan explained, “We have to live this life for other people,” he told newschannel5.com. “That’s the only way that happiness and true peace and hope will come back to our nation is when we all come back together and love each other.”

Thank you Staff Sgt Jordan Pritchard for showing us how to have hope, to act responsibly, and to love each other. God bless you and your family. Your are a good  man and make the world a better place. Glad you have our backs.


Laurie Goyetche & Zack

Laurie Goyetche, author of “His Choice, Our Pride”, in Love You More Than You Know shared some good news today. Laurie wrote:

Zack is a civilian once again! Today Zack completed his 4 years as an active-duty United States Marine!  Four long years of service and sacrifice.  How grateful we are that he is returning safe and sound and ready to begin his civilian life with much accomplishment and achievements as a United States Marine!  9 years — between Nick and Zack serving — was certainly enough for one set of parents!
My prayers to the guardian angels will continue for all our men and women still in service to keep them courageous, strong and safe!

Congratulations and thank you Laurie and Phil for raising such fine young men. Thank you Zack and Nick for your service.

Operation Hug-a-Hero

Tricia & Nikki and children from their website

Amy Kenneley, author of “Time Will Start Again” in Love You More Than You Know, recently returned from Camp Pendleton, CA where she met her newest grandson. It was a bittersweet visit with her son, John knowing he will be leaving very soon taking his company out of country for deployment.

This time John leaves his wife, 22-month-old son, and a one 1/2-month-old son. Jen, his wife ordered a doll for their toddler to help when Daddy is not there. She ordered a doll from Operation Hug-A-Hero aka Daddy Dolls, Inc.

Operation Hug-A-Hero® was co-founded by two Marine wives, Tricia Dyal and Nikki Darnell, to ease the separation anxiety of their own little ones as well as children of other deployed friends. (see picture from their website).

In 2005 , they created “a huggable reminder of the deployed loved one that has become a constant companion for many military children on doctor’s visits, on shopping trips, or on a tough day when the child is particularly missing the deployed parent.” Dolls from this charity are donated to eligible families. To purchase the same kind of doll for your own child, go to Daddy Dolls, Inc.

Please keep John and his family and all of our servicemen and women in your prayers.

Buckeye Book Fair

Just got back from the book fair and wanted to share a note we received:

“I have been attending the Buckeye Book Fair for years–ever since my sons were toddlers, rarely missing the fair. This year I am unable to attend.

When I read about your book, I knew it was one I had to have. Both to share and  for myself. Thank you for writing this book. I am hoping to gain a little insight and also a little more courage and understanding for when it’s my turn–you see, I cannot attend the fair this year because  I am visiting my youngest son–My Marine–for the weekend.

He has only been a Marine since June and is currently in MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) school. I haven’t seen him since August, and I know that come February he could be stationed anywhere–as you both well know. Thank you in advance for you advice on coping. “

God bless you and your Marine. Semper Fi

Mickie Heaton’s Story

Mickie Heaton is an inspiration to all of us. Her beautiful smile, sparkling eyes, and wonderful laugh makes you grateful just to be with her. Check out this article that tells her story and what a blessing she is to us.