War & Remembrance with Marcia Snow

Marcia Snow

Russ Snow and his mother, Marcia Snow.

Twinsburg library with Marcia Snow

The charming Marcia Snow was the speaker today at the Twinsburg Library’s War & Remembrance Program. Marcia was an Army nurse during WWII from July 17,1943 until May 23, 1945. Marcia told how her girlfriend wanted to enlist. Marcia went along and passed the physical. Her girlfriend was underweight. The doctor told this young woman to go eat bananas and milkshakes. She still didn’t make it into the service.

Marcia signed on in 1943 as a Second Lieutenant. The nurses were issued white uniforms, dress blues, gas masks, netting, and bed rolls. Marcia recalled that the drills and marching by the women gave the GI’s much entertainment. Chuck Snow proposed to Marcia at the train station before she left. Marcia didn’t accept that proposal until years later.

In preparation for D day, the nurses were stationed in England to take care of the injured that would be brought to the hospitals. The nurses lived in Quonset huts. Because of blackouts, you couldn’t use flashlights. Marcia explained the way to get around was to count the number of intersections in the side walk. She described walking with one foot on the ground and one foot on the sidewalk to keep track of where you were.

Marcia’s duties included treatments, baths, dispensing medications, and taking care of ambulatory patients. One of the escapades, when Marcia worked the night shift, was the use of contraband sugar, cocoa, and milk to make fudge for one of the GI’s that requested it. They ate the evidence.

Lt. Snow served in England, France and Belgium during World War II. She describes the area where she was stationed as being the background for the Sherlock Holmes book, The Hound of the Baskervilles. Thankfully, most of her service was in perhaps the safest part of England during the war. There was a point system to determine when you got to go home from the war. The nurses closer to the action had more points. Marcia and her mates were one of the last groups to leave. Thank you to Marcia and all of our WWII veterans for their service.

WWII Army Nurse Speaks on War and Remembrance

9974-Flag__D_ScMarcia Snow was a WWII Army Nurse stationed in England. This Saturday, September 28, 2013, Marcia will be speaking at the Twinsburg Library at 11 AM. Stop by to show your support and to hear Marcia’s story about being a nurse during the war.