A Marine Gives His Life

Last October, I was in Minnesota helping my daughter with the triplets. I went to my daughter’s hair stylist, Megan Scheffler. Megan was in her sister’s wedding to Marine Lance Cpl. Dale W. Means. Dale was deployed to Afghanistan soon after the wedding.

This past week I saw that Megan had posted on Facebook, that another Marine In Dale’s unit had been killed. I messaged her to see how Dale was doing. I cried when she wrote back that Dale had been killed the week before. He and his wife had just been married one year. Dale was laid to rest on Wednesday.

Please hold Megan, her sister, and their families and friends in prayer. Please pray for the Marine’s in Dale’s unit and all of our troops. Rest in peace, Lance Cpl. Dale W. Means.


The Wedding Prediction

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Reinart

The last time I posted, we were getting ready for my son’s wedding. Joe and Katie’s wedding mass took place at St. Mary’s in Berea on July 28,2012. The presider was the Rev. Dan Schlegel.

Father Dan sang the wedding mass and gave a wonderful homily. He compared a giant redwood to the love and support of family and our church community. The huge tree has a root system that is only 4 to 6 feet deep. In the redwood forest, the roots of that tall tree entangle with neighboring trees improving its stability. Our family and church community will support the newlyweds so that they will stay strong in their union surrounded by our love and prayers.

I am blessed to have the lovely Mrs. Katie Reinart as a new daughter and friend.
The reception was so much fun. We celebrated the joining of our two families. And I danced with my son.

I Will Dance at Your Wedding

When my son, Joe was deployed to Iraq in 2004, he wrote us a heartfelt letter after the loss of one of his fellow soldiers and several of his own brushes with death. A part of the letter said:

I think a lot of nights, restless nights, of the days to come.  I ponder and daydream of the good and the bad and the anxiety weighs on me like a ton of bricks.  Will I make it back?  Will I be so different from when I left?  What will I do with my life?  Will I be successful?  Will I be happy?

I answered him back: I will dance at your wedding and sing lullabies to your children.

Joe made it back in 2005. He is happy and successful. In two weeks my son is getting married. I will dance!

Joe and my new daughter-to-be, Katie. God bless you both on this new journey.