On the Lookout

The delightful and lovely Angela Rasnack is always on the lookout for ways to support our troops. The other day when Angela was at a garage sale in Solon, Ohio, she saw crates and crates of travel size samples.

Angela boldly walked up to the lady running the garage sale and said, “If these sample size products don’t sell, would you consider donating them to be used in care packages for our troops?”

Immediately, the lady in charge took off all the for sale signs on the crates and bundled the toiletries in bags for Angela.

Angela supports a ministry to the military at St. Monica’s Church. “Care Bags” continue to be assembled for the men and women serving our country in the military. Donations of trial-size ‘toiletry’ items are greatly appreciated. Items requested include: Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Mouthwash, Soap, Handi-Wipes, Tissues, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hand Lotion and Deodorant.  For further information contact Christene at the Parish Office: (216) 662.8685 ext. 119.

Angela is a stylist at 10 West Salon. Stop in and say hello. Way to go Angela!

How do you support our troops?

Angela Rasnack

A Chance to Get Involved

Here is a military pen pal site dedicated to help service members get connected with civilians who want to be military pen pals. We know about the difficult task our military men and women face in overseas deployments – they are separated from family and friends for long periods of time. MilPals.com brings people here at home in touch with military friends around the world. We have identified web sites that support military penpals; scroll down for a list of military pen pals web sites. Visit these sites and find out how you can become a military pen pal and show your support for our troops. Most sites welcome both civilian and military pen pals.

Little Things

It doesn’t seem like much–a package here, an email there–sending little things to our deployed soldiers just to let them know we are thinking about them. And yet the thank you back says it all. It does make a difference.  These are excerpts from emails from two deployed soldiers:

“It brings a smile and a warmth to my heart whenever I walk into the mailroom and see I have a package or letter.”

“. . . ( I ) would gladly defend everyone in it (our country) at anytime!”


“It means alot to me.”

” . . . It touches me and keeps me going! ”

“. . . (People are) the reason Im proud to serve our country and keep everyone safe!!”

Another little thing we can all do is to say a prayer for all of our troops. God bless our servicemen and woman and bring them home safely to those who love them.

Find your local USO and volunteer.