Kennedy Stone House Veteran’s Courtyard

On a trip to Salt Fork State Park this weekend, I had the chance to explore an historic building. The Kennedy Stone House was built in 1840 from native sandstone quarried on the property. The house cost $600. Benjamin Kennedy, 23 years old, purchased the 80 acre tract of land on Sugar Creek, in southern Ohio.

The House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975 and has been restored. A special addition to the home is a veteran’s memorial in the courtyard honoring all of our soldiers from the past to the present.

The marker states,” In honor of all who have served as members of the military service of the United States of America . . . May their heritage be peace.”

Although times and house prices have changed, we still want the same thing. Peace. God bless our brave men and women and bring them home to their families.