Review on Children’s Books Heal

Thank you to Patrica Tilton for the lovely review of Love You More Than You Know.

Why I like this book: This book is not about personal feelings about war, but rather the love and unrelenting pride the mothers feel for their sons and daughters. This book is truly a labor of love and a must read for anyone who has sent a son or daughter to war. There aren’t always happy endings. It is also an important book for those wanting to understand the depth of a mother’s love. This book meant a great deal to me because our 20-year-old grandson was a casualty of war in 2009, the year Janie and Mary Anne published this book. I have always felt the children and families at home are the heroes as they deal with long separations and wait for those e-mails, letters and phone calls, letting them know their loved one is okay. They serve too!

via Love You More Than You Know.

Women Left Waiting Review

Jessica from Sugar in My Grits is hosting the Women Left Waiting event and said this about Love You More Than You Know:

I finished the book last night. Loved it! All of the stories were wonderful and being an Army Wife, I still took plenty away from each. There are stories that make you shed tears and moments that will leave you almost breathless.

I highly recommend it to anyone who has someone close to them deployed. I would also like to recommend it to anyone who works with, lives close to, or is just wanting a better understanding of the sacrifice these families are making.

Thank you Jessica for your kind words.