Together Since the Beginning Quads Enlist

The phone rang. My daughter, Katie was rushed into surgery for an emergency C-section and delivered triplets two days short of 27 weeks gestation. Our beautiful little ones weighed in at 2.8 lbs. (our grandson Chase), 2.4 lbs, (our granddaughter Clara) and 1.10 lbs. (our granddaughter Madeline).

Katie and her husband, BJ are riding the emotional roller coaster of daily events in the neonatal intensive care unit. The little ones are hooked up to all sorts of things like monitors and ventilators. The babies are receiving milk via a tube from their mouths to their stomach that is as thin as fishing line.

Five milliliters are in a teaspoon. Chase and Clara are “eating” 12 milliliters every two hours. Madeline (the mighty might) is receiving  a little less. As we pray, we thank God and celebrate each day. By the grace of God, the babies will continue to grow as they approach their third week of life.

Our children’s and grandchildren’s lives are so precious. I can only imagine the courage Kim Pollock, the mother of the quads and her husband have to have supporting their daughters and sons enlisting in the National Guard all at the same time.

They too will be riding the emotional roller coaster of events as they start their journey as a military family. As these quads approach their eighteenth year of life, we will pray for their safety and thank God for their patriotism.