Yes Maddie,There is a Santa!

My grandchildren Sunny and Oscar

When my two year old granddaughter was asked by Santa what she wanted for Christmas, she answered, “Presents.” Little Maddie Hall was much more specific with her wish from Santa. She said she wanted her dad to come home. Maddie’s dad, Seth just finished his second tour in Iraq. The last time he was home was seven months ago when his daughter Juliet was born. This beautiful story is told by the Fox News Insider.

Seth missed his family so much while he was gone serving our country. He said, “…Time (away) can never be made back up.” This devoted dad plans on spending all his time with his children. The presence of our families at holiday celebrations is a gift that is priceless. Remember to pray for all our troops and their families. Merry Christmas and many blessings for a Happy New Year.