Talking Points- How Our Book Started a Conversation About War

My friend, Liz Kennedy was in Michigan last week visiting friends and family. Gus, who just returned from Afghanistan was sharing sobering details about his tour with Liz. She had given his mom a copy of Love You More Than You Know while Gus was deployed.

Gus also read our book and Liz said he was on the edge of his seat using details from the book for a way to start a conversation about his experiences at war.

Writing our stories allowed us to make sense of our raw emotions, from our deepest fears to our greatest hopes when our children were deployed. Sharing our stories bonded us to other mothers and we no longer felt alone.

I am grateful that our stories can help start a conversation. We can never understand what our soldiers went through, but we love and deeply care for our veterans. God bless you Gus and thank you for your service.