To Our Dearest Blue Star and Gold Star Mothers

Happy Mother’s Day to all the military Moms who raised brave, courageous, and caring children. Laurie Goyetche, author of “His Choice, Our Pride” in Love You More Than You Know, says it best. “They are young men and women who do not stand behind their flag, they stand in front of it, risking their lives for the American way of life.” God bless these military moms as they lovingly support our troops.



Laurie Goyetche & Zack

Laurie Goyetche, author of “His Choice, Our Pride”, in Love You More Than You Know shared some good news today. Laurie wrote:

Zack is a civilian once again! Today Zack completed his 4 years as an active-duty United States Marine!  Four long years of service and sacrifice.  How grateful we are that he is returning safe and sound and ready to begin his civilian life with much accomplishment and achievements as a United States Marine!  9 years — between Nick and Zack serving — was certainly enough for one set of parents!
My prayers to the guardian angels will continue for all our men and women still in service to keep them courageous, strong and safe!

Congratulations and thank you Laurie and Phil for raising such fine young men. Thank you Zack and Nick for your service.

It’s Been Too Long

Laurie Goyetche, author of “His Choice, Our Pride”  in Love You More Than You Know welcomed back her son Cpl. Zach Goyetche last week. The Marines of the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit left for Haiti right after the devastating earthquake and just a month after returning from a previous seven-month deployment. The Marines provided food, water, and medical supplies to the Haitians. One of the Marines said, “It was a proud day for me and my fellow Marines to help serve these people.”  It is a proud day for us to have these Marines serve our country. Thank you for your service. Check out this video of their return.

Here is what Laurie had to say.

Haiti Relief Mission – Cpl Zack Goyetche

Our son, Cpl Zack Goyetche, and his Marine unit returned from a 7-month Middle Eastern deployment in December 2009.  Reacquainting with their families for just barely 6 weeks, they were called back to duty to serve in the Haiti Earthquake Relief Mission just 2 days after the devastating quake hit on January 12, 2010.  These Marines didn’t blink an eye with getting prepared to serve not their country this time, but one in dire need.  For them, new babies were still yet to be born, young children still discovering who their daddy is, wives still rejoicing that their husbands were home again, but duty called.

My son was off.  I received just one phone call about mid-way of the 3-month mission.  Last Thursday, my son and the final wave of his unit returned to the states!  In our first “I’m Back in the USA” phone call I asked my son to sum up in just a sentence or two what he will remember most about his service in Haiti.  He replied, “Because of me and my platoon, 3 people are alive today.  And that feels pretty good.”

Marines to Help Earthquake Victims

Laurie Goyetche, author of “His Choice, Our Pride” from Love You More Than You Know just found out that her Marine son, will be leaving again soon. This Marine, who just returned from deployment in the beginning of December is part of the military expedition unit leaving to help the desperate people in Haiti. Please keep Zach, all our Marines, their families, all rescue workers, and the people in Haiti in your prayers.