Help a Marine Stop Soldier Suicides

veterans_day_military_tiesGive a warm welcome to my guest, Antonio Centino. He is a former U.S. Marine, Texan, father, husband, and founder of the veteran resource High Speed Low Drag.

“Back in 2003″, Antonio remebers,”my friend, Second Lieutenant Christopher Shay killed himself while we were deployed.”

Bill Briggs, NBC News contributor, in his article One Every 18 hours: Military Suicide Rate Still High, tells us, “Research published last week has experts concerned that American troops who survived multiple nearby IED blasts while in Afghanistan and Iraq now are at greater jeopardy for harming themselves. People who have suffered numerous mild traumatic brain injuries — or concussions — carry a higher suicide risk, according to the first study to make that connection.”

Antonio says, ” I’m going to give Stop Soldier Suicide ( a non-profit vet run organization) $20,000 this Veteran’s day to raise awareness of military suicide. To do this – I created 400 neckties to honor each of the 4 military branches. For every tie sold I’m donating $50 to the cause.”

Antonio and his friend, Hendrik Pohl, who runs Bows n’ Ties, partnered together on this project. Antonio explains, “All proceeds, all profits–we are not making any money on this– go to Stop Soldier Suicides.”

“You can check out my project here: The ties are really nice (100% silk, regimental stripe, using historic service colors). I figure give Marines/Airmen/Sailors/Soldiers a tie they’re proud to wear all the while helping those vets that need it. Win- Win!”

The ties are retailing for $79 each – however any veteran/active duty/military spouse can use the code “military” for a $30 discount.  Meet Antonio in this video explaining his cause.
Thank you, Antonio for your service and continued good works. You help make the world a better place. I bought my son a tie and can hardly wait to give it to him.