What Our Soldiers Do For Us

My friend, Angela told me a story. She attended a funeral last week. The man that passed away had a son that was deployed. This soldier was unable to make it home for his father’s funeral.

The pastor held a cell phone in his hand. He said, “This might seem strange to conduct a prayer service holding a cell phone.” The deployed soldier was on the line and was able to hear his father’s funeral service.  Angela said, “You could hear this young man say amen and follow along with the prayers.”

Because he was deployed and protecting us, this soldier was unable to attend his father’s funeral.  God bless him and his family.  We are blessed by the sacrifices made everyday by our troops and their families.

The Sweet Mornful Sounds of Taps

Joseph Vayo

The sweet mournful sound of taps honored my father’s leaving, echoing in the cold December morning. The silence was shattered by a color guard firing a twenty-one-gun salute. Our country’s flag fluttered, as it lay draped over the casket of a hero, Joseph Vayo, a Navy veteran of WWII.

This description of my Dad’s funeral starts my story, “Boots to Ground” in Love You More Than You Know. Whenever I hear this tune played at flag ceremonies or other funerals, my mind drifts back to that morning in December of 2003. I miss you Dad.

In 1965, Nini Rosso, a trumpet player and composer, wrote II Silencio, using the melody of  taps as an extension for his song. This video is from a concert in the Netherlands featuring a music student, Melissa Venema.