Showing Respect

The teenagers carried a rose with a name attached on a small tag.  The plan was to find each individual name on the wall and to lay the flowers there to show respect. The names were of all those who had given their life for our country from Eastlake North High School during the Vietnam War.  That was the plan.  The Vietnam War Memorial was the place during this year’s senior trip to Washington D.C.

My nephew saw a fellow student throw the flower at the wall and laugh. Grabbing the kid, my gentle giant of a nephew said, ” Pick up the rose.”  His fellow student laughed again. My nephew (6’4″-270 lbs.) said,  “I’m not kidding.”  It took three high school students to hold my nephew back. His fellow student picked up the red rose and placed it correctly by the wall.

Thank you Joe for teaching your classmates the meaning of respect and not being afraid to do what had to be done. You rock!