Welcome Home

Welcome home Spc. Sean Forbes, Spc. Josh Hughes, and Spc. Joe Alexander

This Memorial Day, my friend Gail Rocco (mother of a Marine) and I took a road trip to Camp Atterbury in Indiana to welcome home these handsome soldiers from the 1192nd just returning from Iraq. The rest of the soldiers from the 1192nd were attending a celebration in Canal Winchester, Ohio.

Sean, Josh, and Joe are from different states, Louisiana, Colorado, and West Virginia respectively and are flying out from Indiana today. Because they are from different states, they were unable to attend the celebration in Canal Winchester.

So we had our own party! Yes, I made them hold balloons!! (What’s a Welcome Home party without balloons??)

It was wonderful to be able to get these soldiers off base and hang out. The best part was when there was a “delicious” silence as everyone tasted their steaks from Texas Roadhouse.

Gail and I were honored to be with these soldiers and thank them so much for their service to our country. God bless Sean, Josh, and Joe as they travel home today.

Gail Rocco with our soldiers