How Catholic Digest Brought Us Together

Mary Anne Mayer’s story, My Son The Marine is in this month’s Catholic Digest. The article also tells how we reconnected by sharing stories about our sons’ military service.

Click Soldier[1]to read the story.

OPW First Place

Here it is! My first nonfiction award from Ohio Professional Writers. I am thrilled to receive this award for my story “Boots to Ground” in Love You More Than You Know!

OPW has an annual communications contest that encourages and rewards excellence in communication and provides members an opportunity to compete against regional colleagues in a broad range of categories set by National Federation of Press Women. (NFPW)

Thanks to OPW and the judges. Keep watching to see what happens with nationals!

Prayer Request

Celeste Hicks, author of Army Strong—-A Family Affair in Love You More Than You Know has five children in the military. Celeste donated one of her kidneys to her sister one month ago.  Celeste is getting her strength back, but her sister is having a rough time. The kidney works great, but her sister has pneumonia.   Please hold Celeste and her sister in your prayers. No wondering where these military children get their courage.  Take good care of yourself Celeste. You rock!!

Comfort to Families

Carol Tengler, author of “My Career as an Army Mom”, (in Love You More Than You Know) shared a letter that she received from her state representative, Mark A. Schneider.  We share that hope of comforting other families.

Buckeye Book Fair

Just got back from the book fair and wanted to share a note we received:

“I have been attending the Buckeye Book Fair for years–ever since my sons were toddlers, rarely missing the fair. This year I am unable to attend.

When I read about your book, I knew it was one I had to have. Both to share and  for myself. Thank you for writing this book. I am hoping to gain a little insight and also a little more courage and understanding for when it’s my turn–you see, I cannot attend the fair this year because  I am visiting my youngest son–My Marine–for the weekend.

He has only been a Marine since June and is currently in MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) school. I haven’t seen him since August, and I know that come February he could be stationed anywhere–as you both well know. Thank you in advance for you advice on coping. “

God bless you and your Marine. Semper Fi

Mickie Heaton’s Story

Mickie Heaton is an inspiration to all of us. Her beautiful smile, sparkling eyes, and wonderful laugh makes you grateful just to be with her. Check out this article that tells her story and what a blessing she is to us.


Military Pride

Kathy StanichWhen I walked into the charming shop in Wickliffe,Ohio,for a book signing,  I felt the warmth and compassion of the owner, Kathy Stanich. Military Pride is located at 29348 Euclid Avenue. The name of the shop says it all. Kathy is the proud mom of two Marines-a son and a daughter. Military Pride offers a wide variety of Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Apparel, merchandise, gifts, and  patriotic products. (Look for our book too!) You can also shop on line at

I had the great pleasure of meeting many moms from the different branches of the service. One of the moms showed us the picture of her son returning from a deployment. As this soldier held his sweet infant girl bundled in a blanket, you can see his gaze of love and wonder as dad and daughter look into each others eyes for the first time. We thank you for your children’s service to our country.milietary pride

MOAA: Military Officers Association of AmericaMember Books for August 2009

Check out the review.

MOAA: Military Officers Association of AmericaMember Books for August 2009

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