Little Things

It doesn’t seem like much–a package here, an email there–sending little things to our deployed soldiers just to let them know we are thinking about them. And yet the thank you back says it all. It does make a difference. ┬áThese are excerpts from emails from two deployed soldiers:

“It brings a smile and a warmth to my heart whenever I walk into the mailroom and see I have a package or letter.”

“. . . ( I ) would gladly defend everyone in it (our country) at anytime!”


“It means alot to me.”

” . . . It touches me and keeps me going! ”

“. . . (People are) the reason Im proud to serve our country and keep everyone safe!!”

Another little thing we can all do is to say a prayer for all of our troops. God bless our servicemen and woman and bring them home safely to those who love them.

Find your local USO and volunteer.

Let the Little Children Lead Us

This is a note from Karin, head room parent for her daughter’s first grade class in Wooster, Ohio:

“Thank you for forwarding the 1st graders’ creations to the 1192nd. When I explained to my daughter what they were going to be making, she started crying because these soldiers are not going to be home for Christmas. I explained to her that our troops are protecting us and they know this is their job, but they will come home.

This just speaks of a tremendous little heart who wants everyone home with their families. She may not understand completely all that our servicemen and women do for us, but her six year old mind tries to understand. Madison is a very sweet and thoughtful girl and gets emotional when she hears someone is not going to be home for Christmas. So not only are our soldiers being thought of, their families are prayed for as well.”

Thank you Karin for your kindness and prayers for our troops and their families. You are raising a caring child we can all learn from. We are grateful for all that our servicemen and women do for us and the sacrifices they and their families make especially when they are not home for the holidays. Blessings of the season to all of you.

Giving Comfort

giving dollsThe small furry stuffed dog lay on the pillow in my mom’s hospital bed. She is recuperating from a heart attack. The toy animal reminds my mom of my sister’s dog. The real puppy, Bentley gives my mom kisses and is always excited to see her. Little things like this give comfort.

Last week at the send off for the 1192nd National Guard unit, families of soldiers with children were given dolls. The dolls are given free of charge to children facing special circumstances where a doll to hug will bring comfort.

The Giving Doll was created by Jan Householder . As of January 2009, over 3,000 dolls have been constructed and distributed to children including those facing hospital stays, living in homeless shelters, or standing in line at area food banks. This is a community volunteer program.When other needs become apparent, the program expands to include ┬áthose children. To volunteer or donate supplies check out Jan’s website. Give a little comfort.