Help This Marine Help Other Vets

tieToday, I received the beautiful tie I ordered for my son, Joe. The link to the story is here. Help this Marine, Antonio Centino.  Antonio says, ” I’m going to give Stop Soldier Suicide ( a non-profit vet run organization) $20,000 this Veteran’s day to raise awareness of military suicide. To do this – I created 400 neckties to honor each of the 4 military branches. For every tie sold I’m donating $50 to the cause.”

“You can check out my project here: The ties are really nice (100% silk, regimental stripe, using historic service colors). I figure give Marines/Airmen/Sailors/Soldiers a tie they’re proud to wear all the while helping those vets that need it. Win- Win!”

The ties are retailing for $79 each – however any veteran/active duty/military spouse can use the code “military” for a $30 discount. “All proceeds, all profits–we are not making any money on this– go to Stop Soldier Suicides.” Meet Antonio in this video explaining his cause.
Antonio, this is a great gift all the way around. Thank you for sponsoring this project!
Order a tie for your favorite serviceman today!

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