Nobody in This Town Knows


89 year old, Ed Bray is a decorated WWII veteran. He’s covered up a secret for 80 years. His wife and a coworker helped him all this time. CBS news reports Ed as saying, “The toughest thing that ever happened to me in my life was not being able to read. I want to read one book,” he says. “I don’t care if it’s about Mickey Mouse. I want to read one book before I die.”

Through his life, Ed or his reading tutors would give up on the effort, until professor Tobi Thompson, from Oklahoma’s Northeastern State University came along.  She and Ed went from weekly chats to practicing sight words with flash cards.

During the first week in March of 2013, Ed read his first book about George Washington. Ed has since read three more third grade level biographies. Ed is thrilled with his new skill and gives this advice. “Get in there and learn, baby. Now! ‘Cause you ain’t going to learn in that pine box,” Bray says.

Ed has two Purple Hearts and numerous other medals for his courageous service during WWII. Now he has the treasure of reading. He is a wonderful example for us. He proves that it is never too late to learn.


2 thoughts on “Nobody in This Town Knows

  1. Pat, reading is such a joy for me too. I could not imagine taking those journeys in books. I am so impressed with Professor Tobi. Love that she didn’t give up and helped Ed to read.

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