The Votes Are in For the 2013 Best Cleveland Book


It’s official! Woohoo! Thank you for the votes! This award honors our beloved sons, daughters and families in the military. Debra Estep, one of the authors in our book, Love You More Than You Know, couldn’t have said it better, “Our stories are a tiny fraction of the thousands of military families who have had children ‘go off to war’. To the many who never came back, to the many who came back, but will never be the same, and to those still serving in far off lands….THIS IS FOR THEM !!!!!!

13 thoughts on “The Votes Are in For the 2013 Best Cleveland Book

  1. Janie, I am absolutely thrilled that the your book which was written with so much love, was named Best Cleveland Book for 2013. I was watching the voting each time I voted, and I was so hopeful that you would win. Love Debra’s comment. Congratulations! I hope you celebrate.

    • Thanks Pat! We can all celebrate. As Debra says,”This is for Them.”–all of our troops and their families.

    • Pat, thank you for your Airman,Chris! We are blessed by your family and by the courage and selfless giving of your son.

  2. Janie, Congrats! I am so happy the book made number 1 It is still so exciting to be part of it all. God Bless.

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