My Littlest Angel: A Soldier and Her Pen Pal

Veronica and Sofie

Veronica and Sofie from their Face Book page

Chief Warrant Officer Veronica Davis completed three tours to Afghanistan.  One of the bright spots of her time during deployment was receiving letters from her youngest pen pal, Sofie Deck from Illinois. Sofie is in third grade. Not only did she write letters to Veronica, Sofie also sent drawings.

Veronica said, “Sofie’s letters are about everything good.” Sofie and Veronica continued to write, even after Veronica’s tour was over. Sofie describes Veronica as her hero and her best friend. Sofie memorized what Veronica wrote,” Take care little one. Continue to do great things. Make the world your canvas and paint joy everywhere. Love Veronica”

Sofie was recognized for showing home town support for our troops. We can follow this little angel’s lead. Sophie and Veronica are working on a new project. It’s called Sophie’s Soldiers: A Pen Pal Program. The project is to help students connect with soldiers overseas if they’re not doing it for school.


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