Sgt. Rex Military Working Dog Faithful To the End

Sgt Rex

Picture by Mike Dowling.

Mike Dowling, a Marine, wrote a book about his military working dog, Sgt.Rex. Enjoy this video. Mike explains the strong connection between a handler and his dog. Mike commented, “The most important thing you can learn as a handler is how to praise your dog.” Sgt.Rex had dual certification in protecting troops and detecting explosives and weapons.

Mike said,“We like to refer to the working dogs as ‘weapons of mass detection’ because they detect so well.” During Sgt. Rex’s years of service, “This military working dog conducted more than 11,575 hours of military supports and searched more than 6,220 vehicles during searches in Iraq, the Marine Corps reported.”

Thank you Mike and Sgt. Rex for your service and showing the unbreakable bond between a dog and his handler. Sgt. Rex retired in April of 2012 and was adopted by another one of his handlers.  Sgt. Rex enjoyed retirement for several months until he passed away.


One thought on “Sgt. Rex Military Working Dog Faithful To the End

  1. I believe I read this book last year and ended up not reviewing it because I had so many books to review. Think I ran a PB story about a service dog helping a soldier heal. This is a touching story.

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