The Shield of a Soldier’s Love

Give a warm welcome to my very special guest, the inspiring Maureen Valenzi. This dedicated mother writes a daily blog following the journey of her deployed United States Marine at Maureen’s Marine.

Maureen’s Marine is a finalist for the 2012 Milbloggies (6th Annual) Best U.S. Military Parent Blog Award.

The beautiful format of Maureen’s blog goes straight to the heart and helps us understand the every day sacrifices of our Marines and their families.

Maureen, thank you for sharing your story and for raising such a brave and caring son. Ian helps make this world a better place. Holding Ian and all of our troops in prayer.

The Shield

Ian’s email to us
this week

was unexpected

again and still
he sounds 

whole and calm

when he returns
from Afghanistan

I must remember…
to thank Ian for:

the shield from details
the wisdom to take the high road
the gift of peace he gives me

during this deployment

Ian consciously and
continuously protects me
from the nitty-gritty
heartache of war

no wonder I feel safe

by Maureen Valenzi


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