September 11-In Our Hearts Always

The events of this day touch us all to our core. This is our family’s personal experience. The company my husband works for, Marsh had one of its offices in the twin towers of the World Trade Center. My husband lost 295 colleagues that day. The attack also prompted my son to enlist in the Ohio National Guard. We hold all those involved in our hearts always.

September 11, 2001 By Janie Reinart

Wicked hands
Choke off
Icy-cold fingers of anguish
Freeze our hearts
Numb our brains
Fiery hate-fueled ideals
Melt steel
And hope
Leveling lives in an instant
Leaving only
Like falling white paper
To cover the ground

Trembling hands
Sobs collapse silence
Reflecting replayed news
A nation
Brought to our knees
Can’t pray hard enough
Tears burn our eyes
Death stares back
Oh Lord hear our prayer

Holy hands
Amid the rubble
Holding sorrow
Too heavy to move
Finding the sacred
In the everyday
Flags unfurl
A call to arms
My son enlists
I can only pray

Weary hands
Funeral roses
For our beloved
Blessing life’s fragileness
Leaving only
Like falling white petals
To cover the hole
In our hearts
Longing for peace
We pray

4 thoughts on “September 11-In Our Hearts Always

  1. That is SO beautiful and touching. You really captured so many of my feelings as well. Thank you so much for leaving the link for me to read. I’ll share it on my page too. All my hugs and prayers for those you knew who lost so much, and for your sons continued safety.

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