Shiny Dog Tags in Rome Garden Belong to Ohio WWII Soldier

Photo from Lesley Blake

Imagine the surprise of the gardeners in Italy that found something shiny in their garden. Imagine the surprise of  Nellie Baranek in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, when she received the package containing the shiny dog tag of her late husband, Army Sgt. Mike Baranek.

Jim Carney of the Akron Beacon Journal wrote, Its next journey (dog tag) will take it to another battlefield of sorts.

The dog tag will be sent to Canada, where the veteran’s granddaughter, Tammy Mahoney, 41, will clasp it as she receives chemotherapy and radiation treatment for breast cancer in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

“I was very close to him,” said Mahoney, a Stow-Munroe Falls High School graduate and mother of three children. “By having this near me, hopefully it will get me through this.”The Baranek family learned the dog tag had been found a few days before Mahoney officially was diagnosed with cancer. Tammy feels like the dog tag is a message from her grandfather saying, “Here I am. I am watching over you,”

Tammy will hang on to her grandfather’s dog tag that he wore in battle as she battles cancer. God bless Tammy on her road to recovery and healing.


2 thoughts on “Shiny Dog Tags in Rome Garden Belong to Ohio WWII Soldier

  1. I love it when God’s hand touches people’s lives like this! Thank you for sharing the stories you hear about. They are an encouragement and always an opportunity for prayer. Adding Tammy to that list.

    • How are you and how is your Marine? God is good. Our whole lives revolve around love–love of God, love of family, love of our country. I was just thinking of you this morning and holding you and your family in prayer! So great to hear from you. Thanks for adding Tammy to your list. Love Janie

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