Ohio Blogging Association’s All State Blog Swap

Hi! I’m happy to be guest posting today as part of the Ohio Blogging Association’s Blog Swap.  Thanks to Alicia for organizing today’s swap. I have to admit that I was at a loss for words when I read some of Janie’s blog. I have two children.  They are 2 ½ and 4.  Obviously, they aren’t able to serve in the military yet.

But, they are old enough to learn about serving others and what it means to sacrifice and give.  Recently, I took them to a Caring Cubs meeting.  I hadn’t really heard of this group before.  Basically, it’s an organization geared at kids 2-7 to help them learn about philanthropy in an age-appropriate way.  At the meeting we attended, everyone brought canned food items that were donated to a local hunger center.

Each month the group does an activity where the kids are helping out at a nursing home, making cards, etc.  They are learning how to give back.  After conversing with Janie, I got to thinking.  These are the same skills that so many parents have taught their children who serve or have served in the Armed Forces.

People who serve in the military aren’t selfish and they sacrifice time away from their families and friends to help protect and take care of us. I hope that I am raising children that will understand what it means to give and serve whether they join the military or continue to volunteer and give back to their communities.

Currently, I have a cousin who is in the Air Force.  His wife takes care of their four children while he is away for months at a time depending on deployments.  He even missed our grandfather’s funeral this past winter since he was away.  Since his home is currently in Florida, we don’t see them often.  But, thanks to technology, we are able to keep up with the general happenings of the family.  I can’t imagine spending so much time away from my family, but I am so proud of my cousin and others who serve.

At my blog Life Lyn Style, I write about raising healthy kids, exercise and our adventures.  I hope that as my children grow, they will appreciate those who serve in our Armed Forces.

Thank you Lyn. I love that you are writing about your passion as a mom–family, life, children, being healthy, and food. Check out Lyn’s blog for my post. For a full listing of blog swap participants, please visit Poise in Parma today.


6 thoughts on “Ohio Blogging Association’s All State Blog Swap

  1. I had never heard of Caring Cubs before. It sounds like a great resource. I’m always looking for ways to teach my children the importance of taking care of those less fortunate. Thanks for sharing!

    • I think it’s a relatively new organization, but so far, I’m impressed with Caring Cubs.

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