The Sorrow Weighs Heavy on Our Hearts

I am currently in MN helping my daughter with my triplet grand babies. It doesn’t matter if I am at home in Ohio, or in another state, the sorrow is the same. It weighs heavy on my heart. One of our brave soldiers from Minnesota was killed in Afghanistan when the enemy attacked his unit. Army Sgt. Nicholas M. Dickhut was only 23 years old. The news reported the many awards he received.

His commander said,”His positive attitude and eagerness to share lessons learned made him an invaluable member of our Company. There is no way to describe the loss created by his absence.”

His friend and peer, Spc. Connor Higgins looked at Nicholas as the best at what he did. Higgins said,”More importantly, he was a great friend and someone who would always help you out no matter what. He was the kind of NCO that the Army needs more of. He was dedicated to his job and his fellow Soldiers.”

The dedication of our soldiers is overwhelming. Their selfless service needs to be recognized. Our soldiers and their families put their lives on hold for all of us. How can we even begin to say “Thank You.” Such small words for such a big sacrifice.  Please hold Sgt. Nicholas M. Dickhut’s unit, family, and friends in prayer. Rest in peace faithful servant.

7 thoughts on “The Sorrow Weighs Heavy on Our Hearts

  1. Thank you Nancy! The babies are amazing. You are right about “triple the love.” Our lives revolve around love. Sgt. Nicholas loved his country so much, he gave it all.

    • Thank you Maureen. Another friend told me we also just lost a soldier in Ohio yesterday too. May God bless our troops and keep them safe.

      I hope you will consider being a guest on my blog. Best wishes for your blog nomination! Yeah!

  2. Nancy, your list is a memorial honoring those brave young soldiers– men and women– whose lives were tragically cut short. By listing their names, you are reminding us of their courage, sacrifice, and stories.

    This will help us to keep their memory alive in our hearts. Thank you.

    Please hold the families and friends of our deceased soldiers in prayer.

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