The Ultimate Blog Party

Ultimate Blog Party 2012Who doesn’t like a party? So glad you stopped by. Come on in and stay awhile. Just like putting on a name tag, let me know that you were here and leave a comment, like LYMTYK on Facebook, or follow on Twitter or Pinterest. I would love to visit your blog too!

Love You More Than You Know honors our military and their families. I am the mother of a veteran and am so proud to share stories about our military heroes. As you browse through the site, you will read wonderful stories of courage, honor, and sacrifice. You might start with these stories. Just click on a picture.  Looking forward to meeting you. Have fun at the party!   Janie


7 thoughts on “The Ultimate Blog Party

  1. Hi! I am visiting by the UBParty. This is my first year to participate and I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to find and explore wonderful blogs like yours. It is so nice to ” meet” you! I look forward to following your blog.

    Have a lovely evening!
    K at

  2. K thanks for stopping by. This is my first year for the UBP too! Looking forward to checking out your blog. Keep those stories alive!

  3. Wow, what an amazing blog! Thank you for taking such an active role in supporting our troops and their families. My husband served in the Coast Guard and Navy Reserves during war times, so your blog really hits home. Glad to have found you! Thank you for stopping by my little blog too.

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