An Answer-It Does Not go Unnoticed

The middle school students at my church, Holy Angels, wrote letters of gratitude to our service members. Here is a reply.

My name is Ben Robinson, I am a Captain in the Army currently serving in Afghanistan. I recently received two care packages from the USO of Northern Ohio (specifically the Chagrin Falls branch) and wanted to take the time to write you and the two children who wrote the notes to say thank you. I (as well as the men that serve with me) greatly appreciate the packages and the notes! Conditions here are somewhat austere, and a care package from the States always brightens everyone’s mood! On that note, please tell Macy and Eva (who wrote the two letters I received) that it means a lot to hear from them and I thank them for taking the time and going to the effort to write. Knowing that people are living normal lives back in the States and that our children can go to school and church in peace makes every day worth it over here. So thank you again for all that you do for us service members overseas – we appreciate the thoughts and prayers. Trust me, it does not go unnoticed by us!


Ben Robinson

Please continue to pray for our deployed soldiers and their families. Thank you Captain Ben for all you do.

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