Red Platoon Praying For Chardon

Picture from wkyc Channel 3 photo gallery.

I was teaching high school in 1999 in Hudson, Ohio, when the Columbine shootings took place. My students and I were shaken to our core. The students asked that we keep the door to the classroom locked during class.

My heart cries with the parents and students of the Chardon High School shootings. I am shaken again. Their school is only a few miles from our community.

Middle school students from my parish, Holy Angels Catholic Church, participated in a mass this past week holding Daniel Parmertor, the first victim of the shooter, in prayer. The students signed posters of support and love for Chardon students.

As a choir member, I was honored to be able to sing for this service. After mass, Fr. Dan our pastor, told us that they had just received news that a second student had died. Demtrius Hewlin and Russell King were the second and third victims.

The tragedy has made international news. I love this picture from the Channel 3 photo gallery. Our troops are praying for the Chardon community too. Please hold the parents, students, and community of Chardon, Ohio in your thoughts and prayers. Remember our troops. Thank you.


One thought on “Red Platoon Praying For Chardon

  1. Continued prayers to the student witnesses, too, who now have to go on and heal with those horrible images in their minds forever. May they be comforted and held up by our family of believers.

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