Show Injured Marine You Care!

Imagine being severely injured while on foot patrol, losing both legs above the knees, and sustaining “excruciating damage to the rest of your body.” That’s what happened to Marine Lance Corporal Artem Lazukins in Afghanistan, when he was just 22 years of age. According to Juel Sitner blogging for Soldiers’ Angels, Artem has 20 more months of rehabilitation. “Because of the medical circumstances Artem didn’t get to come home with his Marine unit; and didn’t get the hero’s welcome in Oregon.”  

The long road to recovery can be a lonely journey. Start your New Year by sending a card to this Marine. Let Artem know we are thinking of him and his Mom. Put the motto of Soldier’s Angels into action–May No Soldier Go Unloved.

Send your cards, letters and support to:

Artem Lazukins
c/o S. Crenshaw,
PO Box 242
Canby OR 97013
Permission has been given by S. Crenshaw, a member of Soldiers’ Angels and PRG, to publish the above mailing address.

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