Honoring an 85 Year Old Veteran

Michael Parker, Jackie Montgomery, Heather Ligus Photo by Donna Schneider

The room was filled with senior citizens, some in wheel chairs, some with canes, all with smiles. On September 11 this year, I was fortunate to be at a Celebration of Honor held at the Pearl Crossings Retirement Community in Strongsville, Ohio. My friend, Nadine asked me to come help sing patriotic songs for the ceremony.  Her husband, Dr. Walt George is the Medical Director of Crossroads Hospice, which sponsored the event.

The Celebration of Honor was for patient, Michael Parker, who served as a Merchant Marine and then in the Air Force during WWII. Thirty other residents, who were veterans were also honored. Nadine shook hands with one of the veterans and said, ” Thank you for your service.” He responded, “I didn’t expect this.” Nadine said, “It’s about time you got some recognition.”  This veteran said, “That’s not the reason I served.”

Kathy Holt, a Crossroads volunteer, did a beautiful job playing patriotic songs on her flute and stirred everyone to sing along. Another highlight for me was when one of the veterans at Pearl Crossings played The Marine Corps Hymn on his harmonica in honor of his friend, a Marine and also a resident.  The events of 9/11 were remembered with a moment of silence. Jackie Montgomery, Army veteran and hospice volunteer, handed out certificates, small flags, hats, and pins to the other veterans for their service. We are grateful for our veterans. May God bless you all.

2 thoughts on “Honoring an 85 Year Old Veteran

  1. Being able to be apart of this event is enormous. Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I actually get to do this as a job. Our lives are so busy, we tend not to take the time to validate those that served so we could have the freedoms we have. We Honor Veterans program, we at Crossroads Hospice take to heart! Our volunteers are a key to this success.
    To all of our Volunteers at Crossroads Hospice, thank you!
    Cindy Hackett

  2. Cindy,
    You and your volunteers rock!! Keep up your beautiful work. God bless you as you continue to minister to our dear senior citizen veterans.
    Love Janie

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