“Do The KIND Thing” Honor the Military

A KIND bar  is my favorite healthy snack food! I especially like the peanut butter dark chocolate plus protein bar and the dark chocolate cherry cashew plus antioxidants bar.

Now that I know about the companies KINDING MISSION,  I like them even more. The company designates the first Tuesday of each month as KIND Tuesday. Their site says, “It’s usually the nuts that change the world.”

“Each month, we challenge our KIND community to carry out a specific KINDING Mission on the first Tuesday of the month (a.k.a. KIND Tuesday). If enough people sign up (click to accept the challenge)  to complete that month’s KINDING Mission, we carry out a BIG KIND Act for the world.”

The challenge this month (before July 5th at midnight) is to give a thank you note to someone who protects you.  If the challenge is met, KIND will supply nearly half a million KIND bars to military bases across the country. Celebrate our independence and thank a soldier that protects you! Do the KIND thing!


One thought on ““Do The KIND Thing” Honor the Military

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