Phone Call From My Son

US Navy SEAL Trident

My son, Joe called me early today and said, “Did you hear bin Laden is dead.”  My son like many other brave sons and daughters signed up for military service right after 9/11.  He said at the time, “Even more reason (to sign up) now.”

The Florida Times Union wrote an article with reactions from families whose children in the military gave the ultimate sacrifice. The article states, “When Chief Petty Officer Jacques Fontan died after his helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan, each member of his family was given a trident that represented the Navy SEALs. When Fontan’s father-in-law Mike Fletcher left for work today with the knowledge that Osama Bin Laden was killed in a Navy SEALs operation, he pinned the trident over his heart.”

Love You More Than You Know has our own story, “Ten Years From Now” written by a proud mother of a Navy SEAL. God bless our Navy SEALs and keep them safe.

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