Roses Strewn at his Feet -Lone Marine Takes a Stand

SSG Tim Chambers

Don’t be afraid to take a stand. When my son, James was a senior in high school, he saw a group of younger students at a football game circling a mentally challenged adult. These younger students were pushing Sam (name changed to protect privacy) and making fun of him.

Sam, in his early forties, was a gentle person and tried to be friends with everyone. Now he was afraid, and didn’t know what to do. James recognized Sam because Sam worked with our builder.

James took a stand. He immediately walked over to Sam and put his arm around him saying, “This is my friend. You mess with him, you mess with me.” Did I mention my son is 6’5″.  James never told me this story, I heard from someone who witnessed the whole scene.

The younger students got very quiet and just started walking away.  Sam shook James’ hand and said, “Thank you.” James sat with Sam in the bleachers for the rest of the football game.

My son, Joe also took a stand when he signed up for the Ohio National Guard after 9/11 saying, “There’s even more reason now (to sign up).”  Because of my son’s actions, our family now understands what it is like to have a soldier  protect and serve our country. I say, “Thank you to my son, Joe and all of our servicemen and women.

An article by Phil Scott tells about Staff Sargent Tim Chambers, and how he is a lone Marine taking a stand. SSG Tim stands for over four hours in full dress uniform saluting  3,000 veterans of Rolling Thunder. This parade is held annually in DC in remembrance of those fallen in the military. SSG Tim has been doing this for eight years.  He stands with his head down and his eyes lowered in reverence for the fallen.

Asked by Scott, “Sergeant Chambers, why the salute?” His response was effortless and profound, “It’s about the pain. A lot of these heroic guys still hurt and if I can relieve their pain for just one brief moment, then I’ve done my job.”

Watch SSG Tim Chambers,the Lone Marine in this  video . Notice the roses at his feet. Thank you SSG Tim for taking a stand.  God bless our troops.

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