Warren Henry Music Helps Sooth the GI Blues

A locally owned music store in Chagrin Falls, Ohio does more than just talk about their motto of “musicians helping musicians”. They help put songs in the hearts of deployed soldiers by sending them donated guitars.

We have teamed up with the USO for this service project.  Bring in any guitar that has been sitting unused to donate, and we will clean-repair-restring it as needed.  Then the USO will help us get the instrument to a deployed service member from NE Ohio at no charge to them.  Your old guitar will never be more appreciated than in the hands of someone so far from home.  What better could there be way to say “thank you” and spread the gift of music!  We are also accepting cash donations to pay for accessories like extra strings.

Give the gift of music and bring your used guitars, gathering dust in your closet, to Warren Henry Music, 49 W Orange St. Chagrin Falls, Ohio or phone 440-247-0300. You will leave with a song in your heart for having helped our courageous servicemen and woman so far from home.

5 thoughts on “Warren Henry Music Helps Sooth the GI Blues

  1. We have a day off in Bainbridge on May 15th, during our month long District Lines sponsored Go Radio headlining Tour.

    We plan on dropping by the Warren Henry Private Student Showcase in the Chautauqua Room at South Franklin Circle on May 15th, to donate a guitar to Warren and the USO.

    • As does “Love You More Than You Know” 🙂

      We ordered two copies this morning.

      One will be a gift to Paul Franklin’s mom, Nora.

      Paul is the brother of Matt’s sister Emily’s fiancee, Cory.

      Paul will be deploying with the USMC to Afghanistan soon.

      God bless all the troops and their families.

  2. I will put Nora, Paul, Cory, Emily and the whole family on my prayer list. Please tell Nora that if she ever needs to talk, just send me a note here or on facebook. God bless our troops and their families. Bring our troops safely home to those who love them.

  3. Hi Janie

    Please email selectstart@bandsdoingbattle.org. We’ll send u a link to the song “So Far” – six voice Acapella – we feel mothers/fathers and sons/daughters who are serving will relate to this song.

    We played the guitar at a house performance Sunday night in Chagrin Falls and signed it Monday morning. Some pictures are being printed and will be included in the box. Matt’s uncle Bob will deliver to Warren/Amy later this week.

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