Part 2 Love Letters in the Snow: Claire and Fred Martin

My good friend’s brother and sister-in-law, Fred and Claire Martin were killed in a house explosion on February 7, 2011. (Read article.) The devastation also left the Martin’s two pets missing.  Cheryl, their daughter-in-law said, “Claire was crazy for that dog and Fred was crazy about the cat.”

Jake, the family dog was found two hours after the blast. Cheryl took Jake home. He didn’t eat for two weeks and is now always by her side.

Boo, a black declawed house cat has been missing for seven weeks. We can share in a small miracle. Boo has been found alive!  Fur and whiskers are growing back from the blast. It is believed that Boo survived by eating chicken feed from a farm next door. Neighbors continued the search for Boo and finally found her.

Tom Livingston, reported on about the reunion of Boo and Jake:

The reunion of the two housemates was very emotional.

“When I brought Boo home in the cat carrier and I took her out and of course Jake is right there by my side, that dog jumped up all of all fours around that room dancing like a little kid at Christmas time, he was just beside himself,” said Cheryl.

We dance too remembering Fred and Claire.

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