Patriotic Singer

Jimmy Flynn

I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Jimmy Flynn at the Bedford Flag Retirement Ceremony last weekend. Jimmy led us in singing at the ceremony and has written and performs original patriotic songs. “I’m On My Knees Today (A Soldier’s Parent’s Prayer)” is sung from the perspective of an American parent whose son in the Armed Forces is leaving for war. Jimmy says, “To date, it is the least orchestrated of all my songs, but I think it is the most appropriate rendition. My heart goes out to all parents of current military personnel. Their worry and anxiety must be overwhelming. This song is as much a tribute to them as it is a prayer for their child’s safekeeping and worldwide peace.” Keep on singing Jimmy. Check out Jimmy’s website.


2 thoughts on “Patriotic Singer

  1. I had the opportunity to listen to Jimmy Flynn sing some of his original patriotic songs at the Bedford Flag Retirement Ceremony. Jimmy has spent the last four years writing and singing songs expressing his thoughts and feelings about America, our great land, and our soldiers past and present. His sincere patriotism is witnessed in his songs. Don’t miss the opportunity to see Jimmy perform. He has an interesting website and you can also listen and/or download his songs.

  2. Thank you for your kind words! And please obtain and read a copy of Janie’s fine book, Love You More Than You Know, if you haven’t already done so. It contains many touching stories from a mother’s perspective on what it’s like and how it feels to have a son or daughter serve in the United States military. God bless these parents and their wonderful children! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

    Jimmy Flynn

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