Sobering Fireworks

From my backyard I can see the historic Medina cemetery. Two weeks ago, while gardening during the mid morning, I heard what sounded like fireworks. Somewhat irritated, my first thought was, “Can’t they wait until the fourth of July to set off those firecrackers?!!” Then I turned around and realized that someone was being honored with the 21 gun salute at the cemetery. I said a silent prayer for this hero whose death reminded me of all those men and women who have continued to fight for the ideals of our forefathers. Two nights later, I was able to view the annual fireworks display from my backyard. An especially breathtaking one  hovered directly over the cemetery as ‘shooting stars’ seemingly rained  down upon the stone markers. I imagined one of the stars resting on the veteran’s newly formed grave.  Freedom isn’t free. May our brave men and women who shed their blood for freedom rest peacefuly amongst heaven’s brightest stars.


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