Always in Our Hearts

Joseph Vayo 18 yrs old 1942 grandfather of Joseph Reinart:Joseph Reinart 21 yrs old 2002

God bless our brave men and women of the military, who gave their lives so that we can live the American dream.  Bless their families who carry their memory in their hearts.

I have been thinking about my Dad, a WWII Navy veteran. He never spoke about his service to our country, especially to his daughter. He chose the Navy, even though he didn’t like water. (My Dad said his brother in the Army had things crawling into his bedroll while sleeping on the ground so that being on the water was cleaner.) My Dad was part of the team that kept  the boilers running on the ship. He did tell me if they were hit by a torpedo, they would be the first to go. His hair was blonde when he enlisted, but by age 21 it was completely white . He served from the age of 18 to 22 years of age. When my son was going to be deployed, my Dad finally started talking about his war experience to his grandson. Unfortunately, my Dad died within weeks of my son’s deployment. My Dad taught us this saying,”Pink sky at night is a sailor’s delight, pink sky in the morning is a sailor’s warning.” Whenever I see a beautiful sunset, I know my Dad is smiling down on me.

God bless all of our servicemen and woman.

Sailor’s Delight

Childhood is

Perched on a

Pink sky summer night

In a red maple tree


Feeling safe

As my Father

Walking by

Looks up

With a grin

Once more

So Strong

So Wise

Ready to protect me

Janie Reinart


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