Operation Hug-a-Hero

Tricia & Nikki and children from their website

Amy Kenneley, author of “Time Will Start Again” in Love You More Than You Know, recently returned from Camp Pendleton, CA where she met her newest grandson. It was a bittersweet visit with her son, John knowing he will be leaving very soon taking his company out of country for deployment.

This time John leaves his wife, 22-month-old son, and a one 1/2-month-old son. Jen, his wife ordered a doll for their toddler to help when Daddy is not there. She ordered a doll from Operation Hug-A-Hero aka Daddy Dolls, Inc.

Operation Hug-A-Hero® was co-founded by two Marine wives, Tricia Dyal and Nikki Darnell, to ease the separation anxiety of their own little ones as well as children of other deployed friends. (see picture from their website).

In 2005 , they created “a huggable reminder of the deployed loved one that has become a constant companion for many military children on doctor’s visits, on shopping trips, or on a tough day when the child is particularly missing the deployed parent.” Dolls from this charity are donated to eligible families. To purchase the same kind of doll for your own child, go to Daddy Dolls, Inc.

Please keep John and his family and all of our servicemen and women in your prayers.


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