Good News

While speaking at the Ohio Professional Writers (OPW) group this past November, I was invited to enter my story from LYMTYK in their annual contest.

OPW has an annual communications contest that encourages and rewards excellence in communication and provides members an opportunity to compete against regional colleagues in a broad range of categories set by National Federation of Press Women. (NFPW)

Guess what happened!  Mary Jane Skala, (former Sun News editor) and contest coordinator recently notified me saying, “I am happy to tell you that your story on the military moms won first place in the non-fiction category for the Ohio Professional Writers contest.”  Woohoo! Next we move on to the national contest with NFPW.  The results will be announced in late July.

A contest  judge had this to say about our book, “Love You More Than You Know is wonderful. The stories are well-written, poignant, and tell more about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan than you ever hear on the evening news. The young soldiers and sailors share bits and pieces of their daily lives with their mothers, along with their deepest emotions. The moms, in turn, write of their empty arms and empty hearts while their sons and daughters are off in foreign countries, maybe in danger. The goodbyes, the homecomings, the packages and photos, the instant messages and, especially, the fear–all there, many times over. The stories are personal and very real. So give the book first prize. Reinart — and all the mothers who share from their hearts — deserve it.”

4 thoughts on “Good News

  1. hey there –

    just a note to say how much I love your book. I am the mom of a Air Force National Guard Loadsman stationed in Memphis.
    He flies missions to Iraq and Afganistan every two weeks on C-5 jumbo cargo planes to deliver supplies.
    So every other week my heart goes on hold, waiting for their return. Tthe stories and letters are so real and heartfelt.

    I am step mother to Sarah Ficzner – you don’t hear that last name often so you know that Mary and I have recently become friends during their wedding preparations and celebrations.

    I am hopefull to write a non-fiction myself. If you would give me a call to advise me – please help.

    God bless you both and Thank you!

    • Hi Barbara,

      Thank you so much for your son’s service! How wonderful that you know Mary! What a small world! Look forward to talking to you. I pray for all of our soldiers daily! Many blessings to you and your family during this Easter season. Love Janie

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