Time to be Pampered

Are you the wife, girlfriend, or mother of Ohio service members?

It’s time to be pampered! Check this out!


4 thoughts on “Time to be Pampered

  1. Hi, I am the legislative director and Cleveland area coordinator. I would love this event to be so special. I will be doing distribution at the Hilton Garden Hotel at Twinsburg, OH on the 20th of February. I am trying to get Janie to come do book signings, wouldnt that make it complete:)?

    Please all military women, register and come. These bags are retail of $160 each!!


  2. We at Operation Homefront have first hand knowledge of the sacrifices that service members families, especially the spouses, moms & girlfriends sacrifice. They sacrifice not having their loved one with them & worry about having their loved in harms way for a year and in some cases longer than that for more than 1 deployment. We are hosting this event to recognize the wives, mothers & girlfriends of our Ohio service members and let them know we appreciate their sacrifice!

    Rebecca L. Drobnick
    President Operation Homefront of Ohio
    Army Mom – HOOAH!!

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