Thank You Sgt. Joe

Uncle Joe and Sunny

Uncle Joe and Sunny

The round chocolate cake in the center of the table greeted us with script written in yellow icing: Thank you for your service Sgt. Joe. Our family gathered in honor of my son, Sgt. Joseph Reinart.

After 9/11, my  son enlisted to serve and protect our country. This gathering was to acknowledge his personal courage and selfless service thanking him for what he did for us as a family and as a country. His eight year commitment in the Army is complete. Throughout his service he grew from an inexperienced boy to a young man with integrity and honor.

My son taught me to care for people more globally. He showed me that he did his best at all times. Because of his service, my prayers continue everyday for our troops and their families. Thank you Sgt. Joe, you made your mom proud!

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