Everyone Has A Story

Love You More Than You Know is taking us on an inspirational  journey by affording us the privilege of meeting many different people who touch our hearts. I remember the tall, stately, elderly veteran with silver-gray hair and crystal- blue eyes at our Great Northern signing. He was so proud to tell us that his ancestors fought under General George Washington and that their patriotic legacy continued throughout America’s history.
This past week, we had the pleasure of hearing another amazing story at the De Ville Apartments in Beachwood. After our talk, a lovely senior lady shared a very special letter with us from WWII. It was written by her first husband to his parents while he was overseas. In it he describes an unusually vivid dream he had one night about meeting a beautiful young woman with whom he promised marriage. She smiled at me with tears in her eyes and said, “The woman in his dream looked like me and had my first name. We met and married after the war. He died four years later of leukemia.” By this time, we were both teary-eyed and holding hands-one woman to another. Our age difference had disappeared.
This book has brought us so many blessings through the sharing of stories. Why? I believe that our stories strike a very powerful human chord – the desire to connect with one another by sharing our personal experiences. Till next time.
Mary Anne


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