WKSU 89.7 FM Military moms with the “write” stuff

Vivian Goodman did an interview with some of the mothers in the book. Check out the pod cast and pictures.


2 thoughts on “WKSU 89.7 FM Military moms with the “write” stuff

  1. Janie, Mary Anne and other moms on the WKSU 89.7 pod cast…..GREAT JOB !! Hope all of you are staying well, having a good summer and keeping in touch with your kids. We’ve had 2 of our military kids get married this summer, and our oldest daughter’s wedding was attended by an immense amount of military people, including a young man who used his R&R to come home from Iraq for the wedding !!!!!! It’s been the busiest summer of my life, but all my kids were together, and there’s no greater blessing than that :):) My son-in-law will be leaving for Iraq in about 4 weeks, so please keep jason Siler in your prayers. Celeste Hicks

    • Celeste,
      How wonderful that your family is all together to celebrate such joyous occasions. Many blessings to you and your family. I will hold Jason and all of you in prayer.

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