Bird Songs

meadowThe Tree Swallows glide and swoop across the path. A dozen Red-winged Blackbirds startle and fly up as a group and settle in a different spot in the meadow perching on cattails.  The high twitter of the Swallows intertwines with the loud reee of the Blackbirds.  The frogs offer the bass part to this symphony sounding like the plucking of thick rubber bands stretched across a shoebox.  The aroma of clover comes in waves as the wind ebbs and flows. Purple coneflowers and Black-eyed Susans dot the landscape. Frohring Meadows is part of the Geauga Park District.  The abandoned farm fields have been reseeded with native plants to create a tall grass prairie, a habitat that might have been found in parts of Ohio when the settlers roamed the territory. On this fourth of July, I think of our heritage. I think of all those who came before me, those devoted to God and country. I think of the sacrifices, both past and present, made by men and woman not afraid to give their lives for what they believe. Because of them, I can walk in a peaceful meadow listening to bird songs. God bless our troops and God bless America.

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