Walk a mile in our shoes

A friend of mine stopped me after choir practice and told me that reading Love You More Than You Know helped her better understand what her sisters were going through when her two nephews served in Iraq.  She said so much of what she heard from her sisters was exactly what many of the stories in the book described…from constant prayers, wearing medals of saints, not watching the news, to saving voice messages and emails from their sons and daughters–all done in an effort to cope daily. My friend wished she would have had more compassion for her siblings as they went though their journeys with their sons. She told me how she admires the strength of all these mothers and their sons and daughters at war. My friend now thinks of all of these women as her sisters.  Not only are all of these mothers our sisters, but their children belong to all of us too. I hope that those who read the book will better understand the sacrifices our troops and their families make for all of us. Join me in praying for the safety of all of our troops and for the peace and comfort of their families, until all of our servicemen and woman are safely home.


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