Our roles as mothers


I am forwarding this email I received from my oldest son, Erich. A friend of his sent it to him. I think this is an absolutely fabulous idea for mother’s day and it feels good to know that your book is making a difference.
Love, Gloria
The email reads:

Hey, just so you know… 
I always host a mother’s day brunch at my home that is rather fancy and I go all out trying to highlight my mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, sisters, godmother, aunts, etc.  
This year, as is every year, I had a theme.  This year, I made it a patriotic theme and did the dining room up with the china, crystal, and old war photos of the men and women in our mother’s lives that were involved in the military.  So, there were pictures of all the black and white WWI, Korean, WWII, Vietnam, and Gulf War pics of the men in our lives.  Our focus after all the typical girl talk was to talk about how war or the military affected our roles as mothers.  Wow!  Did we have some real bonding moments.  
To spark the conversation, I gave everyone a copy of the book you mom was published in and we read her short story as a prelude to our talk…it was so wonderful… 


2 thoughts on “Our roles as mothers

  1. Dear Gloria,

    That is the most awesome Mother’s Day story I think I have ever read.

    Going all out with the set up AND copies of the books….
    just AMAZING.

    Thanks for sharing this on the blog.

    xo xo
    Deb Estep
    Twinsburg, Ohio
    Proud AF Mom
    SSgt Vinny

  2. What a classy event! I can just picture everyone around the dining table sharing her story. We love to share our stories with a meal-it’s just so natural-nourishment of body and soul! I am always amazed at how our book is finding its way into people’s lives. Mother’s Day is woven throughout so many of the stories in Love You More Than You Know-marking events both sad and glorious. It is so fitting that this wonderful Mother’s Day brunch honors the role of mothers and the military. A mother’s life is never the same once a loved one goes off to war.

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